The Later Works (Double CD)


Stan Tracey Octet

Recorded December, 2009



  • Guy Barker – Trumpet
  • Mark Nightingale – Trombone
  • Sam Mayne – Alto
  • Simon Allen – Tenor
  • MorningtonLockett – Tenor/Sop
  • Stan Tracey – Piano
  • Andrew Cleyndert – Bass
  • Clark Tracey – Drums


  1. Sweet Lips (CD1) (07:24)
  2. Lunar Lanterns (CD1) (13:49)
  3. Moon Cake (CD1) (09:02)
  4. Dragon Boats (10:53)
  5. Crackers & Bangers (CD1) (08:32)
  6. Cottons And Bobbins (CD2) (10:34)
  7. Humberto’s Dream (CD2) (11.32)
  8. The Cuban Connection (CD2) (08.52)
  9. Building Bridges (09:43)
  10. Unison (CD2) (11:04)

Recorded December, 2009


“In Stan Tracey’s hands, his octet has all the power and vitality of a much bigger band. It’s not just the production which is excellent. It’s a matter of texture and colour. Featuring two pieces commissioned in the 1990’s only now receiving their record debut, this CD shows how Tracey bringts out the very best in his players. And, as with all ghreat bandleaders, his sidemen stick with him. Listen to Guy Barker’s solos on ‘Moon Cake’ and the gorgeous ‘Dragon Boats’ from ‘Hong Kong Suite’ – you’ll see what I mean. Or check the introduction to ‘Humvberto’s Dream’ from ‘Amandla Suite’; there’s a richness of tapestry there that many writers for big bands and orchestras would envy. And I just love the frenetic, yet assured accuracy of the ensemble and solo work on Amandla’s closing title ‘Unison’. Everyone excels on this cut, while it’s closing moments prove just how good a drummer son, Clark really is. Stan, of course, is on fine form throughout. I don’t think anybody writes better within his style for large groups. Proud and celebratory, just keeping on swinging.”

Duncan Heining